Welcome to my web site!

For a living, I develop web sites, yet it has taken me 10 years to make my own. I think the only reason for this is that I was not ready for it. Anyway, here it is now.... I hope to keep you somewhat entertained with new articles, writing and pictures of my painting, drawing and what ever else comes along in my creative life.

Here is a bit about me

I was born in sunny Kerala in 1961. My childhood is filled with memories of nature more than anything else.  However, I always had a strong affinity to the bustle of the city and its cultural life. I moved to northern India in 1979 to attend the Benaras University pursuing a  Degree in Communications. Here, instead of studying the sciences that I was supposed to, I became very involved in theater and I believe this was the beginning of my artistic life.   I studied at the New York Studio School under Mercedes Matter, et al. from 1989 to 1993.  I currently live with my wife and 2 children in Montreal, Quebec, working at a web development company starnyc.com.


Study for the three bathers 2010 8

"The Three Bathers" 2010 8" x 12" Oil on canvas.